Submission Guidelines

Please Read!

At Electric Gold Directory, we do a thorough review of submissions, however not every submission will meet our standards and be accepted.  Please carefully read and understand the guidelines before submitting.  We reserve the right to edit any listing to make it comply with our guidelines.

  • The following types of businesses or websites will NOT be accepted: Violence, hatred, mirror sites, child pornography, pornography, fraud, pirated software, warez, drugs/pharmacy, gambling or betting.
  • Ensure the title and description are grammatically correct and accurately reflect the content of your business or website. The website should not attempt to install any type of software on the user’s computer, or display any type of pop-up. Links to websites that have a page rank of N/A or are banned in Google will be rejected!
  • Links that re-direct will not be included in our directory. If in the future, the link changes to a re-directed one, it may be removed from our directory.
  • Websites should have a generous amount of content, and all links within the website should be working properly. If your site is fairly new, make sure it is complete and will be worthwhile to users before submitting it to our directory.
  • Links to websites that contain content that is not legally viewed by children, or that is not legal everywhere in the World may not be accepted. Links to gambling and pharmacy sites will not be accepted.
  • Any links to websites that have been banned from the search engine of Google will be rejected. In the future, if the website becomes banned by Google’s search engine, the link will be promptly removed from the directory.
  • If the content of your site changes in the future and becomes non-compliant with any of the above mentioned items, the link will be removed.
  • These terms of use may be modified without notice at any time.
  • Please read our Terms for more on what you can and can’t do junk…

Thank you for submitting a quality business or website.!
-Electric Gold Directory